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Present Moment is a group of psychotherapists that use mindfulness in therapeutic and innovative ways to alleviate suffering. Our mission is to help others live their lives to the fullest through mindfulness-informed therapies with the starting point of the present moment. We collaboratively work with our participants to help evaluate which ways of coping have outgrown their usefulness and explore new ways of getting “unstuck”, leading to less stress and more freedom.


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Stress reduction
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Body Image/Food Struggles
Habitual Behaviors and Addictions
Healing past wounds from traumatic events
Life Transitions


Becoming Friends with Feelings Group

The aim of the group is to help participants gain skills and resources to increase their capacity to connect with and manage feelings effectively. The group will use components of mindfulness, experiential modalities (breathwork, movement, and art) and DBT principles.The group will run on an 8-week cycle. New members are welcomed at the beginning of each cycle. Members are welcome to participate in the group more than once.

The group is run by Ines Guariguata, LCSW, LCAT,ATR-BC, SEP.
Location: Midtown (East)
Cost: $100 per session
For more information email adrienne.glasser@gmail.com
To Register call 917-362-9770