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Present Moment is a group that uses mindfulness in therapeutic and innovative ways to alleviate suffering. Our mission is to help others live their lives to the fullest through mindfulness-informed therapies with the starting point of the present moment. We collaboratively work with our participants to help evaluate which ways of coping have outgrown their usefulness and explore new ways of getting “unstuck", leading to less stress, more empowerment and more freedom.


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Stress reduction
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Healing past wounds from traumatic events
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Empower yourSELF to change your life Psychotherapy Group with Christine (Chris) Vargo, LCSW

This group is useful for those struggling with:

  • Helping others to the point of neglecting their own needs.
  • low sense of self image/self-worth/feelings of shame
  • challenges in interpersonal relationships
  • Difficulty knowing wants/needs and advocating for them to be met.
  • obsessive/repetitive thoughts about relationships, food, body image, substance abuse or other ways to numb feelings.

Participants will receive support in addition to exercises that they can take with them to help feel more calm, centered and empowered. These exercises are taken from modalities such as: meditation, gestalt and other embodied techniques.

Thursday evenings6:15PM-7:45PM in midtown location

to register contact:


Who Is Leading Your Life?

With Adrienne Glasser LCSW (NY) and Nicholas Brüss LMFT

Who Is Leading Your Life? No really.. Who is calling the shots? Who is communicating with others at home and at work? Who determines the actions and the lack of action? Parts of us like fear, anger and grief all want the job. And perhaps have the job (full-time or part-time) by default.

This workshop, is about putting you (the real, authentic you) into your rightful leadership role, making it less likely that other parts of us will need to take over as captain.

Join us to uncover pathways towards becoming Self-led and the practice of embodied authentic leadership.

  • Date: Sunday September 24th
  • Time: 10am-5pm
  • Cost:  Early bird rate (save $35) until Sept 10th $150/ $130 Members
  • After Sept 10th $185/$165 Members
  • Location: La Maida Institute

For more information and to register click here