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Self- Empowerment & Authenticity Group: Finding Creative Pathways Through Protective Defenses with Christine (Chris) Vargo, LCSW
Thursday evenings, 6:15 PM – 7:45 PM in midtown location

This group is useful for those struggling with:

  • Helping others to the point of neglecting their own needs.
  • low sense of self image/self-worth/feelings of shame
  • challenges in interpersonal relationships
  • Difficulty knowing wants/needs and advocating for them to be met.
  • obsessive/repetitive thoughts about relationships, food, body image, substance abuse or other ways to numb feelings.

Participants will receive support in addition to exercises that they can take with them to help feel more calm, centered and empowered. These exercises are taken from modalities such as: meditation, gestalt and other embodied techniques.

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Body Empowerment Series with Liah Rozenman, LCAT 

6-part series on how to feel more at home in your body.

To help those struggling with :

  • Poor sense of body image/body awareness
  • Need for increased self-esteem/self worth
  • Compulsive food and/or exercise behaviors or
  • Those having difficulty starting a routine with movement/exercise

Role-play, mindfulness, movement and traditional talk therapy will help group members feel a greater sense of support and empowerment around embodiment.

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Youth Mindfulness and Creativity Workshop (For Teens and Young Adults ages 16-19)
6-Week Series – Tuesday Evenings
With Lily Leiber  MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, Psychotherapist

This group will focus on working with young people through creative methods such as: art, writing, movement to teach mindfulness and meditation skills. These skills help decrease at-risk behaviors, increase self-confidence and self-image. The group will also provide support to young people facing stressful transitions by providing group support and focusing on their strengths.

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Recovering Compassion with Sydney Rose and BigVision
6:00-7:30 last Wednesday of each month
Enrolling now. Space Is Limited. RSVP required. $20 suggested donation.

Learn basic mindfulness meditation techniques. This workshop will focus on how to work with the mind to build a greater sense of stability and ease. If interested contact

Open to anyone wishing to reduce suffering through meditation, compassion and the arts.

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