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Los Angeles Workshops

Embrace Your Shadows With Light

Are you seeking deeper connection and compassion within yourself and your body? Are you looking to cultivate more intimacy and clarity in all of your relationships?

Learn how somatic (body-based) meditation practices can lift blocks and increase the overall sense of flow in your life.

This workshop is especially good for creatives, healers and those generally seeking deeper intimacy with others. Participants will learn compassion practices on how to become friends with their shadow, or hidden parts, and unlock the powerful light of their true selves within the home of their bodies.

It is also helpful for anyone interested in parts-work (IFS) and the practice of how to work with various parts our psyche so that our true self is in the lead. Through meditation, somatic role-play and guided movement, we will learn about how our sense of self is not solid, but rather an extraordinary variation and flux from which much strength, courage, confidence, and calm can be cultivated.

Once we learn the body-based practices that inspire the wisdom and clarity we need in our lives, this light, or true self, is available to us at any moment. Over time this practice of bringing the light of our true self can compassionately guide all parts of us, allowing for a more integrated sense of wholeness.

  • Date: April 14th, 2018
  • Cost: $50/ $40 Members
  • Location: 11159 La Maida St. North Hollywood, 91601, Los Angeles, CA

Cancellation up to 48 hours for account credit

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New York Workshops

Body Empowerment workshop with Liah Rozenman, LCAT 

To help those struggling with :

  • Poor sense of body image/body awareness
  • Need for increased self-esteem/self worth
  • Compulsive food and/or exercise behaviors or
  • Those having difficulty starting a routine with movement/exercise

Role-play, mindfulness, movement and traditional talk therapy will help group members feel a greater sense of support and empowerment around embodiment.

  • Date: Saturday January 20th 12PM-2PM
  • Location: Downtown location given upon registration.
Start of the new year exploring how to feel more at home in your body.

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Recovering Compassion with Sydney Rose and BigVision
6:00-7:30 last Wednesday of each month
Enrolling now. Space Is Limited. RSVP required. $20 suggested donation.

FREE Recovering Compassion meditation meeting with the organization BIGVISION

The topic for this next meeting is “Compassion Through the Holidays: A Focus on Gratitude” November 24th at The Caron Foundation NY
This workshop focuses on how meditation, compassion and the creative arts can help us reduce suffering in our lives and be extremely beneficial to recovery.
The meeting is not only a way for young people to expand their community of support, but the specific kind of experiential compassion meditations offered in the meetings help with:
  • Compassion for oneself and others
  • Stress reduction
  • Curiosity towards the meaning of something greater than oneself
  • How to give back to others in a compassionate way that nurtures recovery.

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Youth Mindfulness and Creativity Workshop (For Teens and Young Adults ages 16-19)
6-Week Series – Tuesday Evenings
With Lily Leiber  MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, Psychotherapist

This group will focus on working with young people through creative methods such as: art, writing, movement to teach mindfulness and meditation skills. These skills help decrease at-risk behaviors, increase self-confidence and self-image. The group will also provide support to young people facing stressful transitions by providing group support and focusing on their strengths.

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Los Angeles Workshops

Humans Being: Game Night for Connection with Adrienne Glasser, LCSW, RDMT, Amey Goerlich

Stop playing yourself. Come be your playful SELF!

Come have fun with us as we explore different games that make us laugh, feel deeply and experience many paths of connection with others.

We will embark on the journey of what it might be like to live our lives from our true SELF, filled with spontaneity, creativity, and aliveness. Through improv games and playful, affirming, relational meditations, we will practice the expansive, open-hearted nature of just being with our truth while in relationship to others.

This workshop is for those who are hungry for connection, deeper intimacy, and spiritual seekers. For those who wish to connect more deeply both internally and externally while in community with others. For people that feel they may be confined by their everyday roles and would like to expand their playfulness and creativity. This is a great way of taking practices such as a meditation or yoga off the mat and into our everyday world with no experience necessary! Through effortless play, we stop taking ourselves so seriously.

Common side effects of Game Night is that you may become much funnier at dinner parties, connect more deeply with your friends, family, your partner and people may ask: “What are you on? And can I have some?”

  • Date: March 9th, 2018
  • Cost: $35/ $30 Members
  • Location: 11159 La Maida St. North Hollywood, 91601, Los Angeles, CA

Cancellation up to 48 hours for account credit