Social media is an increasingly popular platform for advertisement, business, socialising, communicating, posting pictures and passing time but they are also an excellent place for self-promotion and enhancement. Whether narcissistic people spend more time on social media, the photo and selfie update frequency, the number of tweets, content, and followers can be relevant to narcissism traits.

Where to get treatment for Narcissism? Julian O’Sullivan psychologist and psychotherapist. who provides psychotherapy for narcissism among other disorders. He does so using psychodynamic therapy. He works with adults mostly and has 10 years of experience doing so.

But what is Narcissism? It involves personality traits such as grandiosity illusion, high need for constant admiration, being cunning and trying to control others, being rude or abusive and arrogant, lack of empathy with other people’s feelings and selfishness and unreasonable expectations. There are effective psychotherapy Melbourne services able to provide treatment for this. He targets such unreasonable expectations when doing so. However, behind this cover of high level of self confidence, there lies a fragile personality which can break if it faces any criticism. Fear, rage and shame, feeling alone and isolated, feeling less than other people, and less of a good person are the underlying feelings of a narcissist. Environment, genetics and neurobiology reasons can cause this mental issue. Parental overprotection, lack of love and intimacy in child and parents relationship and conditional love, overvaluation or devaluing kids in comparison to their siblings, being too merciful on the kids and giving them the permission for entitlement are the biggest known reasons for narcissism in young adults. Social media in recent time is blamed to promote and rise in narcissism, but is it true? We are living in the media era which is mainly used by millennials. This generation is reported to be “generation me” and there is a significant rise in narcissism between this generation. Some sociologists believe that we live in the age of entitlement (Firestone, n.d). There is a research done about narcissism and four hypotheses were tested. The results showed that people with narcissism do more activity on the social media and there was a correlation between self-promoting contents and photos and high narcissism as it was expected. For further information on treatment for this issue visit Julian O’Sullivan.

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